I published my new service/site called `guid.codes`, available at https://guid.codes/ It's a globally deployed service, within Azure, which returns a new guide every time you refresh the page. Code...
My whitepaper on Azure Functions got published on the Serverless 360 website. Awesome stuff! https://www.serverless360.com/whitepaper/azure-functions-3x
I was able to deliver a session on Azure Managed Identities at the European Cloud Summit 2021!
Got to speak at a Serverless 360 webinar, talking about designing your solutions in Azure using mostly serverless technology. Services like Azure Functions, Azure Container Apps, Logic Apps, Cosmos...
Got to speak about Azure & securing your applications at the 4Dotnet Move Up event. It was a virtual event, with all speakers & crew in a single location. Very cool venue fun to do!
Spoke at the Build Stuff 2021 conference about designing your solutions in a cloud environment.
I was present at the #dotnetConf viewing party, the first SDN Night at Ordina, and joined in the panel discussion on new stuff concerning .NET 6.
I was speaking about securing your Azure services at NDC Sydney 2021!
Spoke at NetcoreConf 2021 about security in Azure
Published a new article at Serverless Tips! Going passwordless with Azure Functions and Cosmos DB
Walked around at the Speulderbos, the Veluwe, with my camera gear.
Presented at Azure Community Conference
Presented at All Day DevOps
Had the pleasure to speak at the 4Dotnet knowledge session. The subject of my session was securing your Azure infrastructure.
Joined the Tweakers F&V meet to the Biesbosch (Netherlands)
Received the Microsoft MVP Award for the 2021-2022 cycle in the category Microsoft Azure. The unboxing video can be found over here: https://youtu.be/deO6AD7lZ0g
Having ACI instances is great, but you want to turn them off after a while to save money. I wrote a small Azure Function to do this, based on information I'm acquiring in Azure DevOps to turn off m...
I finally got around to pick up my #1 item on the to-do list. Create private build agents for my Azure DevOps environment, using Azure Container Instances. This way, I only need to pay for them whi...
My MVP Award in the Azure space got renewed for another year! I love being part of this awesome community of people and will continue to do great stuff myself also!
I can proudly announce that I've joined the SDN editors committee as of this month! https://www.sdn.nl/
I've started working at the NCOI Opleidingsgroep. They already have a massive service- & application landscape, most of it hosted in Microsoft Azure. I'm there to help guide, assist & design the up...
For about 2 years I've been working on a project for ANWB Reizen to consolidate multiple of their labels to a single backend system. We have been using lots of Azure services to make the most out o...
I've got Pi-hole configured on my home network and it's great. However, when I'm in the office or on a customer site, the internet is bloated with ads again. I'm now running Pi-hole in a Docker con...
I wrote about how to use Azure Key Vault in combination with Azure App Configuration. https://jan-v.nl/post/2021/using-key-vault-with-azure-app-configuration/
Drove around to catch the nice sunset on a nearby road.
The Azure Functions SQL binding has finally reached version 1.0.0. At the moment, only input-binding is supported. Would love to get some help with the output-binding (INSERT/UPDATE). https://www.n...
My Azure Functions HTTP binding (input & output) has finally reached version 1.0.0 and is published on Nuget.org https://www.nuget.org/packages/AzureFunctions.HttpBinding/
I finally managed to update my Azure Functions Event Grid output binding to 1.0.0 and release it on Nuget.org! https://www.nuget.org/packages/AzureFunctions.EventGridBinding/1.0.0